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If you're looking for female companionship for a special occasion, You should have an escort service you can rely on. Here at Secret Necessities everyone is a V.I.P. Our Phone Staff is Kind and Professional, our escorts are beautiful and friendly. Our Lovely Escorts are available for your social events, parties, as traveling companions and much more. Whether it be that you don't want to show up alone, or if you're just looking to spend some quality time with someone, Call us anytime (718) 805-7808.

We are available at all hours, day or night. We accept all major credit cards and provide discreet billing. Take a look at our escorts then give us a call to schedule your encounter.

When Calling Us

Please no profanity, vulgar inquiries and or code language. We frown on this type of behavior and will terminate the call. “It’s like really, you’re calling an Escort Service, ENOUGH SAID”. The funniest thing is, when we hang-up on someone and we don’t know WTF they just said. I’m like googling, hitting up social media, calling friends, searching through dictionaries, calling people I don’t like. I’m like what does this mean? You don’t Know? Can you ask you somebody? But seriously we don’t mind talking to you, in fact we love talking to people. But let’s keep it good and clean. We aren’t thugs and we don’t mingle with the riff raff.

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